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Expat Services

India stands as the premier destination for companies seeking expansion or establishment. However, employees relocating from their native countries to work in India encounter significant challenges in acclimating to a foreign land. Beyond adapting to a new culture and language, they must navigate the intricacies of adhering to FRRO regulations, securing suitable accommodation, transportation, and other domestic necessities.

This is precisely where ACZ Global excels. We assume the pivotal and delicate role of ensuring that life in India is truly enriching for expatriates, whether they are long-term residents or temporarily stationed here.

ACZ Global offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

1. VISA & FRRO Consultancy
2. Temporary Accommodation Procurement
3. Permanent Residence Arrangements/Apartment Hunting
4. School Admission Counseling
5. In-house Multi-Cuisine Chef Services
6. Executive Chauffeurs and Travel Arrangements
7. Relocation Services: Guiding clients through the intricate procedures of relocation with the assistance of an experienced team
8. Orientation Programmes: Customized programs designed to familiarize clients with their new environment, including cultural nuances and local amenities
9. Home Search Assistance: Guiding clients through the entire process of finding their ideal residence, from property selection to lease negotiations and registration
10. Settling In Services: Assisting clients in establishing themselves in the new city, including setting up utilities, obtaining recreation facility memberships, facilitating school admissions, and hiring domestic help
11. School Search and Tenancy Management


Moreover, our Immigration Services cater to the complex and often daunting process of immigrating to a new country. Our seasoned immigration experts and consultants provide efficient solutions to navigate through visa and immigration complexities, ensuring a smooth transition for our clients. Our services under immigration include:

1. Visa Registration
2. Visa Extension
3. RP Extension
4. Change of Address
5. New Passport Endorsement
6. Exit Permit
7. Duplicate RP/RC
8. Closure of File at the FRRO
9. Transfer of File
10. Reporting
11. Removal of any Stipulation
12. Change of Entity
13. Birth of a Child in India
14. PIO Card
15. OCI Card

With ACZ Global, transitioning to life in India becomes not just manageable, but a truly enjoyable experience, marked by seamless integration and support every step of the way.

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